Nomad ChargeKey [Review]

A few months ago I came across an advertisement somewhere in my travels along the interwebs for the Nomad ChargeKey. Initially I didn't think it was all that good of an idea, until I thought about it a little harder: How many times have I found myself near a computer or USB charger with no cable? The answer made me rethink the genius behind the idea of the ChargeKey. So I decided I was going buy one. As I was poking around the site, I found a tab called "Barter". To my shock, they were open to bartering for ChargeKeys. So I sent a request, offering either my graphic design services or my hand made record clocks (shameless plug: see for more on these!).

A few weeks passed, and I finally found a message in my inbox from Dave Moses saying "WE WANT A CLOCK!”


After working out details, confirming my address and which ChargeKey I want, I asked them what type of clock they wanted. Dave responded back with:

"I trust your judgement on the clock, just a badass rock band."

So I dug through my inventory and it was decided. I was shipping Dave a Led Zeppelin record clock.

I received my ChargeKey in a very timely manner and really cool packaging. I was even more surprised about how resilient it feels.

After a few months now of having it on my keyring, it's bailed me out of hundreds of jams where I really needed to charge my phone but didn't have my lightning cable on me. I’ve found it to be super flexible and really durable. As a former Genius Bar employee, I can tell you I've replaced more defective Apple Lightning cables than anything else.

With all of that said, the moral of my story is that the people at Nomad not only make a turbo awesome product, but they are the coolest people to do business with. I highly advise picking up a ChargeKey of your own, even if you use a silly Android.

You can pre-order one now at