Tower Records Founder Russ Solomon on Vinyl


The full article on Billboard is worth a read, but this really stood out to me. The bottom half is very debatable to say the least:

Why are people so romantically attached to vinyl?

I think it's basically the collect-ability of it. There's something today about the CD being somewhat ordinary while an LP is a package. It has artwork and liner notes. It's readable. Some LP collectors are really nutty. The cover is more important sometimes than the record.

What's your take on the people who say vinyl sounds better -- warmer -- than CDs?

This may be heresy, but I think it's more psychological than reality. Technically, you can't get the amount of frequency range at all on an LP that you can get on a CD. It's just impossible. But that doesn't mean vinyl records don't sound good and they don't sound warm and that there's something comforting about the clicks and pops. There's sort of a nostalgic feeling to the whole thing, which is a good thing, not a bad thing.